Dear student,

Manos de Esperanza is a California non-profit organization. Our goal is to provide, plan and actively seek assistance for the needy.

In our community we help students like you to get a higher education, providing annual scholarships to begin a new phase in their lives.

Manos de Esperanza awards scholarships to students involved in activities of public services to improve their community. Students who demonstrate these abilities will be considered to receive a scholarship worth $500 to $1000.

To apply and qualify, students must comply with the following requirements:

·         Show an average 2.8 GPA
·         Demonstrate financial need (refer to application)
·         Have been accepted to a University, College, or technical school
·         Should be involved in activities in the community
·         He must attend an interview with the committee of Manos de Esperanza

All interested students must complete an application and send it by mail to: Manos de Esperanza PO Box 4604 Antioch, CA 94531, between dates ranging from March 30 to June 30. Please call (925) 756-7029 for any question.

Kind regards

Manos de Esperanza
Scholarship Committee 


Download the Application = 

Scholarship Application